Built-in closet

We are interested in built-in wardrobes in Prague. For many years we have been making them for all those who cannot buy classic furniture from the store. Who has an apartment with atypical shapes, could hardly believe it. There it is necessary to have it made to order. This is precisely the kind of activity we are engaged in. So do not hesitate and hurry to us. We are here for you.

We can create a customized wardrobe for you
Do you have a larger space and no way to use it? In that case, you can have a customized wardrobe made by us. It will fit all your clothes. It’s up to you how you decide. However, we are also ready to make you built-in wardrobes in Prague. We will come to your request and make a measurement and visualization. We do not charge our clients for this. We look forward to working with you.

The Schneider Unica

Do you like modern things and don’t like boredom too much? If you like originality and prefer creative home furnishings, you’ll love the Schneider Unica brand. The brand will equip your entire home with high-quality and stylish sockets and switches. So your home will have what it should have, and it will be beautifully lit up at the same time. In fact, if you choose the right color as well as the right style, it will look really great and your walls will be lit up with foam. It will look much more sophisticated, elegant, and also undoubtedly more original. Finally, give the red to the classic square grey or white wiring elements, that’s just boring already.

It’s worth the investment
This investment pays off for many different reasons. You are buying something that is needed, but which can also take on the role of an interesting accessory. You will also be pleased with the quality, which is surprisingly good. The material from which these products are made is really high quality and will last for many years of active use. The price is also low, which will be another factor.

Let the magic enter your party!

People who play do not get angry. People who play don’t know boredom. This is where you should somehow organize a party for your little one. Provide good fun for his friends and give him something to remember. Enhance the show with a performance that will captivate and please both the small audience and the adults. The magician can combine the fun so that no one gets bored. It can bring you and your friend joy, smiles and wonder, good cheer, and a great and most importantly memorable experience. It’s magic that everyone can participate in.

A truly original gift
There is so much more to giving experiences than buying toys. Of course, choosing such an experience takes much more work than ordering a Lego set from an electronic store. If you want to surprise and delight your children, add a magician’s performance to the program of the upcoming party. Under his command, the children’s birthday party will get a completely different dimension. It will take place in a charming atmosphere, where there will be no lack of fun. The birthday boy and his guests can try out the role of the magician’s apprentice for themselves

Take a look at our interior doors!

If you are looking for perfection and beauty, we have the perfect helpers for your rooms. With our interior doors, your rooms will just shine in the overall design that you choose. They come in very low price ranges, beautiful colors, color combinations, or shades, whichever types and types you choose. Take a look at our range, which will delight you.

Variety in the choice of material types

Types of interior doors, we offer you a great and varied selection, not only in the types of materials they are made of. You can choose from solid types, laminated, laminated, smooth, or other types, and types. All of them are of beautiful colors, high quality, and also of the sizes that you need to tailor your home.

Welcome to Enjoy Professional Services

If you use the services of this professional salon, you will want to repeat this perfect experience very soon. An attractive lady with a perfect figure will banish all your worries and problems from your mind. You will concentrate only on the sensual touch. She won’t miss a single spot. She will pay great attention to intimate parts. You may be surprised how soon the perfect excitement will come. You haven’t experienced anything like this in a very long time.

A great inspiration for your love life.

This is definitely not the last time you will be in this salon. The beautiful lady did a great job. You feel like you’ve been reborn. Until today, you didn’t know what real excitement and pleasure were. You won’t regret this experience. You originally thought this was the first and last time you’d ever be on these premises. However, after the event, you can swear that erotic massage in Prague was definitely not your last visit. You will be happy to repeat this visit very soon. You will no longer enjoy the luxury.

What Is the Best Color For a Diamond?

One of the first questions you may ask the moment you enter a jewelry store is about the best color of a diamond. Everyone has their own unique styles and tastes, though, so “the best” will be all about your personal tastes. So, today’s blog will be there to show you how to judge whether or not a specific diamond color is the “best” for you.

What is the best color for a diamond? There are many factors involved in “the best” color of a diamond for you including your taste, the setting, the shank, the shape, and the 3 Cs of the diamond. Your budget is the first factor that determines the listed criteria above. However, if the best for you means the rarest and most expensive, then a D colorless diamond is your answer.

Although choosing the color of your diamond engagement ring seems mostly a matter of taste and budget, several factors will affect the color of the diamond. If you are choosing a diamond for its sparkle, the information about how color and clarity affects the appearance of the diamond is necessary for choosing what color you think is best. Below, we have a few frequently asked questions about diamonds and answers so you can make a more informed decision.

What is the Color of a Diamond?

Diamond color is a reference to one of the 4 C’s of diamonds. In gemology, there are what is known as the 4 C’s of a diamond, Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. American Gem Society (AGS) and Gemological Institute of America (GIA) appraise the color grade within the framework of a spectrum. The color of diamonds falls into two main categories: fancy colored diamonds and colorless diamonds, each possessing their own color spectrum for appraisal.

To evaluate color, GIA, AGS, and other diamond laboratories put the diamond upside down against a flat surface. By looking at the sides of a diamond, rather than its top view, the color is more noticeable. You may have even noticed that most diamond engagement rings in the market fall under the colorless category, the most accessible and common color set for diamonds to have falls into the colorless spectrum. Laboratories appraise the color based on a ranged color scale, starting from D – which is colorless, and ending in the letter Z, which is known as the light color scale. Each of the labels is associated with a particular amount of yellow tint in the diamond’s color.

Fancy colors include red, pink, gray, orange, violet, blue, yellow, white, black, green, and brown, just like different colors in a rainbow spectrum. Fancy colors are extremely rare in their natural form. Only one out of ten thousand diamonds have one of the natural fancy colors. If you intend to buy an engagement ring with a natural fancy color diamond, you must count on a high budget. You will probably encounter some inexpensive diamonds in the market with fancy colors. They are irradiated, and they do not possess the value of a naturally colored diamond coming from the earth.

Diamond Color Chart

GIA uses the diamond color chart below as its standard grading for appraisal:

GradeCategoryDescriptionPrice ValueAppropriate Metal
D – FColorlessThe rarest categoryIcy colorMost ExpensivePlatinum and White Gold
G – JNear ColorlessTints of yellow or brownThe most popular and usedResembling the colorless group and can bebetter substitution with a lower priceExpensivePlatinum and White Gold
K – MFaintVisible yellow colorWarmAffordableYellow Gold
N – RVery LightVery noticeable yellow and brown colorMuch Less ExpensiveYellow Gold
S – ZLightObviously yellow or brownNot very much wantedAlmost Half the PriceYellow Gold

As you can see, the GIA diamond color grade begins with the letter D and ends with the letter Z. The reason for this choice of grading is that GIA came up with a brand new grading system and wanted it to be set apart from the others, which have their scales start with the letter A, or use numbers. Since the GIA scale was such a unique innovation, it’s now accepted as the de facto color grading scale.

The grades in the diamond color chart starting from D is considered “Absolutely Colorless” and to the last alphabetic letter, which is Z, has an obvious yellow tint. Looking at the chart, you will notice that the design of the diamond follows how much it’s worth. When you get your diamond appraised at the GIA laboratory, the experts appraise it by comparing its color with an assembled set of diamonds, each one representing a specific color grade. If you wish to see the process in which GIA assesses the diamond color grade, please watch this video below:

What Color Grade is Best for Diamonds?

The truth is, there’s no specific answer to that question. It all depends on you and your preferences. If you have an unlimited budget, then the best two categories for you would be in the colorless group, D, E, and F, or the fancy intense colored diamonds, which are both incredibly rare. On a limited budget, however, you are better off choosing one of the lower grade color diamonds, but that doesn’t mean that you’re choosing a ‘lesser’ diamond. A good choice of ring and shape of diamond can always make any diamond look amazing.

There is a large price difference between two colors of different grades of diamonds and more importantly, a price difference in different categories. This is the reason that we cannot declare one color as “the best” for everyone. It is true that a diamond with a D color grade does reflect light better, and has some of the highest radiance, so there will be more demand for a higher color grade. The radiance of your gem is not only dependent on its color and clarity, but also by the metal band and the setting as well. The blog here will help you define diamond color and clarity grades, as well as prices for customers:

The colorless group, especially the D color, has an icier look, especially if you choose white gold or platinum for the metal band. Another key factor is the size of the diamond, which indicates the amount of yellow or brown color involved. The bigger a diamond, the more it shows that yellow or brown tint color in the diamond. The shape of the diamond is also important, for a round diamond hides the yellow color while an emerald or pear magnifies it. However, many people are into warm colors, and they choose K-M grades, which belong to the category of “faint”. Another especially important factor is the engagement ring you intend to buy, and whether it is a solitaire or something with more than one diamond. The importance lies in the fact that every person seeing your diamond engagement ring will notice the color difference, so you have to choose the same color for both the center diamond and the paves, or the diamonds that are along the shank. The matter of taste that determines “the best” for different people.

Which Color Diamond is the Most Valuable?

The D color diamond possesses the highest price value. The D color, which is the first diamond color grade we encounter in the Diamond Dolor Scale Chart, is absolutely colorless, so it is the most expensive color grade for a diamond. The E and F grades fall into the category of “colorless”, which is the most valuable group color in the scale of GIA diamonds.

If by “the most valuable” you mean the most luxurious, glamorous, and expensive, the first color group is what you are looking for. Among the first category, the first color grade, which is the D color, is the most expensive and valuable one. In the GIA color diamond scale, the more colorless a diamond looks, the more it is sought after. The slight yellow or brown color involved in near-colorless diamonds causes the natural color light to reflect less. The faint yellow or brown tint in the colorless diamond represents the involvement of nitrogen in the chemical mixture of the diamond that happened hundreds of miles under the crust of the Earth. Therefore, it is a vastly different color compared to a fancy yellow or brown diamond, which is even more expensive than a colorless diamond. Natural fancy colors, of which we can refer to pink, blue, yellow, green, orange, white, gray, brown, red, yellow, and violet, have separate scales for appraisal. Their price is high due to their rarity, for one in every ten thousand diamonds possess a natural fancy color. Therefore, when you speak about the most valuable color for a diamond, your word is interpreted as the most expensive color grade among the colorless diamonds.


COVID-19, sometimes referred to as Coronavirus, was first confirmed in the United States in January, but it didn’t take long to be the number one topic of conversation and news. Since then, it’s affected nearly every aspect of life, from what businesses are open to how close you can be to someone in the checkout line. However, these guidelines on social distancing and restrictions on gatherings have also created a huge issue when it comes to weddings.

chairs seated apart from each other at a wedding ceremony

With venues closing, vendors having to pause their businesses, and travel no longer recommended, many people have had to postpone their weddings. If you’re one of those couples who have had to accept that the wedding can’t go off as planned, here are nine tips to help you get through this challenging time. 

1. Be flexible


a couple talks to each other while sitting on the living room floor

The changes COVID-19 has brought to society are unprecedented, and the truth is that no one really knows how to handle this time — including vendors and wedding locations. While postponing your wedding seems simple enough — just move the dates, right? — you might find that when you go to reschedule, the new date you want isn’t available.

If you were hoping for a summer wedding, you might have to take December, and a Saturday afternoon wedding might end up happening on a Wednesday evening. If you don’t want to have to wait another year — or even two — to get married, you’ll have to be flexible on some aspects. Of your big day. And remember that it’s an option to wait. If you’ve dreamed of a spring wedding with a pastel palette your entire life or you absolutely must get married in your partner’s childhood church, pushing the wedding to 2021 could be worth it. 

2. Consider going digital


a designer discusses a project with a client

Some couples affected by the ongoing crisis have opted to do the ceremony online and livestream it to friends and family. That being said, even if you don’t want to do your ceremony online, related events, such as bridesmaid’s proposals — can continue digitally.

If you want to ask your BFF to be by your side when the time is right, you could still make it special by mailing her a bottle of champagne with a note on the outside that says to FaceTime you before opening the box. You may also be able to take advantage of online ordering for things that aren’t date-dependent, such as supplies, favors, and decor items.

3. Communicate as much as possible


a hand puts mail in a mailbox

While it’s normal to want to wait until you have all the details to talk to guests, the more you can keep them in the loop, the better. As soon as you know the wedding is going to be postponed, let everyone know. It’s tempting to put up a banner on your wedding website or send out a mass text or email, but a personal touch goes a long way during times like these. If at all possible, call your guests personally to let them know the wedding has been postponed. If you have a large guest list, consider enlisting family members or the bridal party/groomsmen to help out. 

4. Ask if deposits can be negotiated

a distraught woman puts her face in her hands

Under normal circumstances, when you postpone your wedding, you forfeit your deposit. But because COVID-19 related cancellations are forced, it might be worth trying to negotiate. Look carefully at your paperwork to see if there is specific wording around cancellations and refunds, and it never hurts to ask. Many vendors are losing a lot of business with the restrictions on social gatherings, and they may be willing to hold your deposit and put it toward your new date rather than risking another cancellation. 

5. Decide if you need to adjust the guest list

Depending on your circumstances and what happens with your reschedule, you may find that you need to take another look at the guest list. Maybe you’re being forced to go to another venue because your first pick doesn’t have anything available on your new date, and that means you can only invite 100 guests instead of 300. Or maybe your job has been affected by the closures and you need to make budget cuts to the wedding that mean no plus ones.
If any of this is the case, make sure to let guests know when you send out change the dates. If you have to uninvite people, briefly explain why, and consider scheduling a get-together after the wedding for everyone to celebrate.
On the flip side, you may want to extend invitations to friends and family who had to RSVP “No” to the first date. If they weren’t able to attend due to a scheduling conflict, they may be happy to be a part of your big day now.

6. Start thinking about a new date

a calendar with a pen pointed at the 24th date

Once you postpone the wedding, the decision-making isn’t done. While it may seem counterintuitive to pick out another date just as the first one’s been cancelled, the bottom line is that everyone is having to postpone, and that means the next few months are going to book up fast. It might be helpful to have a few possibilities that you’re okay with. If your second choice isn’t available, you can move right to the next without having to rediscuss.

7. Send out change the dates

Once you have all the details on the postponement and new date settled, it’s time to send out change the dates. These postcards are surging in popularity right along with the number of cancellations and are basically another version of the popular save the date card. They’re quick and easy to send out, and they let your guests know as quickly as possible that things are changing. They’re designed to give guests the initial heads up for planning purposes. You’ll still need to follow up with guests personally and send out more formal invitations once you get closer to the wedding. 

Having to postpone your wedding for any reason is stressful, but when it’s because of a pandemic, it adds a whole new level of chaos. While you’re working to get everything straightened out and a new date lined up, consider more tips and ideas for planning your wedding from our archives.


Wedding receptions are all about decking out the tables and adding dashes of personality to your space. Napkins, of all things, provide an easy way fun to dress up your wedding reception tablescape with creative napkin styling that will have guests talking … and that adds that extra-special touch to the day’s decor. Be inspired by these simple napkin folding ideas that you can easily do yourself (or encourage your wedding venue to do).

Pretty Napkin Folding for Weddings

It doesn’t have to be complicated, nor do you need to attend an origami class to to learn how to fold napkins! Take your venue to the next level with our little intro to napkin folding for weddings from real receptions and tablescapes.

Pretty Napkin Folding for Weddings

Draped NapkinsLikely the most common and trendy, yet elegant way to “fold” your napkins. Draped napkins that are tri-folded add a pop of color at every angle. (Photo credits: Ashleigh Laureen Photography | Renee Nicole Photography)

Pretty Napkin Folding for Weddings

Simple TrianglesYou can’t go wrong with easy elegance! Simply fold a square napkin into diagonals until you have a chic layered triangle. (Photo credit: Sarah Beach Photography)

Pretty Napkin Folding for Weddings

Tableware Pocket NapkinsTuck some or all of the tableware into these neat, perfect little pockets. What a chic way to stow the utensils! (Photo credit: Marlayna Photography)

Pretty Napkin Folding for Weddings

Tent-style Napkin FoldThis is another popular napkin fold we’re seeing in so many weddings lately! It’s romantic, adds dimension, and serves as a great way o tuck your wedding favors under.  (Photo credits: Jennifer B. Photography | Molly Jo Collection) 

Pretty Napkin Folding for Weddings

Elegantly Rolled Napkins to Prettify PlatesYou can kind of go off the cuff with these rolled napkins that have a layered look! Think of a “messy bun” hairstyle and translate that to napkins. Roll them until they satisfy your style. (Photo credits: Lacy Matusek Photography | Jenna Hidigner Photography)

Pretty Napkin Folding for Weddings

Classic Fan Napkin FoldThis wedding napkin has been around a long time, and it is still exquisite as ever! Simple to do, as you just fold it as you would a paper fan.  (Photo credit: Fornear Photo)

Pretty Napkin Folding for Weddings

Basic Napkin Fold Between PlatesSuper simple, and a great way options for formal dinners that have a lot of dishes as part of each place setting. Fold in half or a trifold and place vertically or horizontally underneath a salad or appetizer plate. (Photo credit: Mr. & Mrs. Photography)

Pretty Napkin Folding for Weddings

Basic Folded Napkins on PlatesThis is super simple, but definitely spruces up your tablecape. Simply fold your napkins in half or in a trifold, and place your menu cards across the top. (Photo credit: Leigh Wolfe Photography)

What wedding napkin fold would best fit in your wedding tablescape? 

Draped Napkins

Simple Triangles

Tableware Pocket Napkins

Tent-style Napkin Fold

Elegantly Rolled

Classic Fan Napkin Fold

Basic Napkin Fold

Basic Folded Napkins on Plates


Spring is right around the corner. We can smell it (even under the 3 feet of snow here in the Midwest)! Myra and Kevin’s botanical garden engagement shoot is just the ticket to get us in the spring state of mind. The gorgeous couple met online, got engaged last summer … and now we are elated to share their fantastic engagement session captured by photographer, Carli Hannah. She perfectly captured the love between this fun-loving couple, and it’s guaranteed to bring you joy.

The Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis provided the backdrop for this sweet couple’s session. The many lush gardens, ornate fountain, and indoor conservatory on the grounds is simply breathtaking. From Myra and Kevin’s classic formal to fun football-themed photos, this is one botanical garden engagement shoot you have got to see. Their story and save the date magnet from MagnetStreet is also just as sweet!

Beautiful Botanical Garden Engagement Shoot in St. Louis
Beautiful Botanical Garden Engagement Shoot in St. Louis

Myra & Kevin’s save the date from MagnetStreet

“I found out about MagnetStreet from an engagement group I’m a part of on Facebook. There were several sites I checked out, but when I saw MagnetStreet’s site … I knew I was going to get my magnets from them.”

Beautiful Botanical Garden Engagement Shoot in St. Louis

How they met

“I was scrolling on Facebook one day when I saw Kevin’s Facebook profile under my ‘people you may know.’ And he immediately caught my eye. I was too afraid to actually friend him or speak, so I clicked the “poke” button feature on Facebook to get his attention. It worked because he poked me back and then sent me a friend request and send me a message. I was the happiest person ever. We immediately hit it off and I couldn’t have been happier. (Thanks Mark Zuckerberg!)” 

Beautiful Botanical Garden Engagement Shoot in St. Louis

Favorite photos of the day

“I loved all the photos by the water fountain. Such a beautiful backdrop!”

Beautiful Botanical Garden Engagement Shoot in St. Louis

The proposal (with that stunning ring!)

“It all started at his parents house, I came to town to spend the holiday with and according to him it was just supposed to be a 4th of July cookout with family. When I got to their house, it was more family than I thought would be there, but everything seemed pretty normal until his mother called me upstairs to look at photo albums. She kept showing me the same photos over and over and over … little did I know she was just trying to stall. The next thing I know, his sister comes running upstairs to get us because she wanted to show us something. But when I got downstairs, the room that was crowded with people was now completely empty. I was so confused but followed his mother and sister outside. The first thing I saw was bubbles blowing and the song I told him I wanted to walk down the aisle to if I ever got married, ‘This is Why I Love You’ written by Major playing. I looked up and saw all of our family standing there and Kevin, the love of my life, on his knee under an arch that was beautifully decorated. I immediately began to cry as I walked to up and tried to contain myself as I stood and listened to his sweet words. I SAID YESSSS to spending the rest of my life with my best friend!”

Beautiful Botanical Garden Engagement Shoot in St. Louis

Why the botanical garden engagement shoot?

“We chose that place because it’s absolutely beautiful. The highlights were just dressing up and having fun posing with Kevin. It was his first photo shoot so he was very nervous … but he did amazing!”

Beautiful Botanical Garden Engagement Shoot in St. Louis

The wedding details

“Our theme is #HappilyEverAdams (After)/enchantment/fairytale. Everything is fairytale … from the cakes to our white horse and carriage for our send off. Our colors are blush pink, rose gold, champagne, ivory, with a little sage for the greenery.”

Beautiful Botanical Garden Engagement Shoot in St. Louis


Nora and Bret are a nature- and mountain-loving couple, so they planned their wedding day around the most spectacular view of the Presidential Mountain Range. The Inn at Pinnacle Mountain played host for the gorgeous couple’s rustic mountain wedding, and we can’t get over the jaw-dropping scenery and ambiance surrounding the venue. If the great outdoors speak to you more than an elegant ballroom, we know you will be inspired by all the lovely details and decor.  

Fall Rustic Mountain Wedding With Breathtaking Views

Nora & Bret’s Rustic Mountain Wedding

LOCATION: West Paris, Maine

VENUE: The Inn at Pinnacle Mountain

DETAILS:The cozy feel, flora and fauna in the surroundings (and those bouquets!) are thoughtfully placed throughout their day to create the elegantly rustic mountain feel they were going for. Nothing can beat the gorgeous views, fresh air, and lush greenery that surrounded their day. Plus, with their wedding in the fall … it made for an even more stunning and colorful day!Their celebration was full of beautiful personal touches (including a super-pretty MagnetStreet invite!), and Emily MacCabe Photography captured every moment marvelously.

Fall Rustic Mountain Wedding With Breathtaking Views


“The wedding dress I wore was nothing like the dress I originally envisioned. Fortunately, I had excellent help at the Blush bridal salon and they picked out a style I didn’t know I loved.  I couldn’t be happier with my wedding dress!”

Fall Rustic Mountain Wedding With Breathtaking Views


“I had a lot of fun picking out these little details.  My something old was a 100+ year old ring from my Great Grandmother, who was present on our big day.  She gifted me the dainty pearl embellished ring, which I will cherish forever.  My something new was my wedding dress and veil!  My something borrowed was a bracelet from my mom, and my something blue were my baby blue block heel shoes (which were perfect for an outdoor ceremony and reception because the heels didn’t sink into the grass!).”

Fall Rustic Mountain Wedding With Breathtaking Views


“We knew right away that we wanted to do a “first look”, and are so happy that we did.  It took a lot of pressure off the ceremony itself and allowed us to fully concentrate on one another during the first look, and then take in all the other emotions that came with the ceremony.”

Fall Rustic Mountain Wedding With Breathtaking Views


“We love the outdoors, so our theme was nature and all the fall colors that come with an October wedding in Maine!”

Fall Rustic Mountain Wedding With Breathtaking Views


“We opted for a small cake to cut and lots of cupcakes, because they’re easier for people to grab and eat.  We are lucky enough to have a friend who is a very talented baker and took the time to really personalize it all for us.  The apple spice cupcakes were made from apples that came from apple trees on the bride and groom’s property!”

Fall Rustic Mountain Wedding With Breathtaking Views


“Try not to get too caught up in all the little details or you’ll stress yourself out.  Remember to have FUN with the planning.  One thing Bret and I did which I would suggest to any bride and groom is this: When first starting to plan, think about the top three things you want from the day (it could be very specific such as wanting a ginormous bouquet of red roses and an open bar, or it could be more broad such as wanting an indoor ceremony and reception so you don’t have to worry about weather).  Write it down so that throughout planning you can go back to that list and remind yourself of what is most important.  I would also recommend the bride and groom writing their top choices separately, to make sure the day encompasses what is most important to BOTH.”